Oroluna is created from the desire of a lifestyle brand for women who are enthusiastic and determined to lead their lives. It seeks to empower women and help them explore romance but also stick with the unconventional in a balanced way. Crafted for those who look enchanting in their own style, and chic without thought. Those who are nonconformists and free spirited will find comfort in Oroluna and in the seamless power it embodies – the power of spontaneity.
Oroluna is the perfect equilibrium for those who love luxury and fashion; it was created with that thought in mind, thinking ahead of trends, pieces that you can wear from a day at the office to a night out, pieces created with sustainability. For and by everyday women who accomplish the impossible in their own world each day.
Maria and Ana crossed paths while studying their masters degree at Parsons The New School in New York City. Ana, a master in fashion design, and her love for textures complemented Maria, a master in fashion marketing with her business drive and eye for fashion – making it the perfect melting pot of their vast personal styles.
Maria, a Latin woman who has been exposed to a fusion of styles her whole life captured the essence of the loose and chic everyday life of Miami at an early age.
Ana, born and raised in Colombia became an expert in the openness and boldness of the Latin culture.  Their experiences and life stories have helped the designers – and found